Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chinese Chippendale Chairs

Ahhhh.....decision made! Finally going to order furniture for my kitchen.
Being a interior Designer is like being the shoe makers son. My house will never be done, complete or maybe it is me that will never be satisfied. The constant exposure to new and more beautiful items means I can never decide for myself what I want to see in my decor. Why is it that when I am getting paid to do this for my clients I have no problem deciding what they need or what I can visualize but for myself I never seem to get it together and order what I want or need to make my house my ideal space. With a young family our necessities are forever changing. Now that my boys are getting older and I no longer need to worry about them spilling juice on a regular basis, I am ready to commit to a new kitchen table and chairs. I have known for years what I want, simple and classics. Of course now that I am ready to get started I couldn't find what I wanted.

Well, after four days of sourcing, more like scouring the internet (to the point where my finger tips hurt) and all the wholesale companies I know, finally decided on ordering four chinese chippendale chairs from Toscano and they are nice as is but I plan on having them sprayed in a red lacquer which I think will make them simply LOVELY. The perfect shade of red is still pending.

I am pairing these LOVELY chairs with the Pier One Imports Clinton Pedestal table and then having it sprayed in Benjamin Moore OC-08 Elephant Tusk to match our kitchen cabinets.

Will keep you posted on the progress!

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